web designer raleigh nc, raleigh nc website designerYour website is often the first impression that a new customer will see and you want to make sure it is a great one!

Your website should reflect everything you want customers to know and remember about your business.

Successful websites meet the needs of your customers. Your website should load quickly and customers should be able to find content with ease. This means your website is user friendly and the navigation menu makes sense. Web pages should not be buried more than 2 clicks from the homepage. Research has proven that upon every click from the homepage a website will lose 50% of the original site visitors.

Responsive Design

A great website should easily be viewed on a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone. A responsive web design will automatically adjust the size of the screen to fit the device. Pages, posts, slideshows and images should load quickly.


A great website should showcase the content, not the site design. A website that is too heavy in the design aspects will detract from the products or services presented. Just like in print design, “white space” is good. Within the fist 3 seconds of viewing your website, a visitor should get a good idea of what your business does.

Relevant Content

Content is King! Make sure the webpages on your website contain text content and images that are relevant to the topic. Make sure you have enough text on a webpage so it achieves a higher SEO score by using relevant keywords or keyword phrases in the text content.

User-Friendly Navigation

The navigation menu on your website should make sense. Content should not be more than 2 clicks deep on any menu. Separate your services and list as top level pages or categories so these are easily viewed on the main menu without using a drop down. Avoid using a top level “Services” category with a drop down. This will make it easier to navigate your site and find content. Make popular content visible on the homepage with a “read more” link to a webpage with more details.

Many of your competitors probably have a great website. Examine their techniques to drive website traffic to specific webpages.

Hire a professional web designer with marketing experience to create your new website.

A website is not just an informational, online brochure. It is not just code. A great website should appeal to the customers you want and be visually attractive with your advertising message.

Target the Right Customers

Everything from the website colors, layout, menus and webpages should reflect your business. A great website is memorable! Customers will remember a great website and return more often.

Expectations are high for website visitors and a poorly designed website can turn off customers. A poorly designed website can reflect upon the quality of your business and services.