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Blue Sky Creative 

provides professional

graphic design services.

25+ yrs. experience.

Custom design for logos, brochures, books, posters, newsletters, magazines and product catalogs.

    • Get high-end, agency-quality design at an affordable price!
    • Free project estimates are provided.
    • Pay by the hour for the print design services you need.
    • Low hourly rate, $35 hr., for custom design services.

Local printer resources for high quality, affordable printing available for all clients.
(Digital and offset printing.)

Call Cate Rogers, graphic designer, for a free estimate. 919-928-8396.




Source files for design projects are not included in the final files delivered to the client or the client’s printer.

Source files are original files created by the graphic designer to create a final print ready PDF file that your printer uses. Examples would be Mac Adobe InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator files that are layered. These are the working files created by the designer to export a final, high resolution PDF file for printing. Most printers today require a print ready PDF file for printing.

Since a freelance graphic designer is NOT an employee, the client has no right to these original files even if a file contains the client’s logo or other trademarked materials. The design, layout and concept is owned by the freelance designer, not the client.

The designer may agree to transfer the rights to these original, working files to the client. There is an additional cost for these source files, if the designer agrees to transfer her original work.

If you need the source files from your project, please consult the designer about the additional cost to transfer the rights to these source files. If the designer agrees to provide source files, these source files are only delivered to the client upon receipt of full payment for the rights the source files, and any other outstanding invoices.

Fonts are not transferable due to Copyright restrictions.

Giant Sunflowers! Amazing!

Giant Sunflowers! Amazing!

Outside Blue Sky Creative design studio in Chapel Hill NC.
Wow! I grow these every summer in a planter. Giant sunflowers are always amazing! Taller than I am! The flowers follow the sun during the day. The hummingbirds use the large leaves as a perch to guard their nearby feeder.

Hummers Outside the Studio…